Sometimes there may be a network related issue like sudden call drop, low internet speed or no sound in an ongoing call. If you want to make online payment somewhere and there is no network then you may face problem. If you are also facing frequent network issues then no need to worry. You can fix this problem by turning on some settings in the phone.

Reset Network Settings

If there is a problem with your network, try resetting network settings. Go to Settings and find the Reset option. In this you will get the option of reset network settings, click on it. Note that this will reset all network settings including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks connected to the phone.

Restart phone.

Even if your phone has not been turned off for several days, its performance is affected. First restart your phone. Restarting the phone also refreshes the system and can fix minor software issues, thereby eliminating connectivity issues.

check signal strength

Poor signal strength can also cause network issues. So whenever there is any problem related to your network, you are in the area of ​​mobile network company and check the signal strength on the phone. If you are in a low signal area, first move to an area where the network coverage is good.

check sim card

Sometimes it also happens that the SIM card is not recharged. Due to which the mobile network company closes the SIM card. In such a situation neither you can make a call nor can you receive a call on your mobile. In this case, instant recharge will solve your problem.

switch to another network mode

If you also have network problem or no signal then you can switch to 2G, 3G or 4G network. By trying this your network can work in any mode. Or you can check in which mode the network coverage is good, you can make or receive phone calls in that network.

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