Even today when people curiously look at the airplane in the sky, you will be surprised to know that there is a place in this world where everyone has their own airplane and they use airplane instead of bike. That is, all small and big works are done by aeroplane.

Airplanes are seen standing outside every house in this village. Here the plane is used like a car. Not only this, the buildings here are designed in such a way that the plane can be easily parked in it. Here airplanes run on the road instead of cars.


Spruce Creek Village in Florida is known as a residential airpark. According to reports, about 5 thousand people live here and there are 1300 houses. There are hangers in about 700 houses in this village. The place to park the aircraft is called a hangar. Here, instead of making garages for cars, people make hangars in their homes and park their planes there. There is also a runway outside the village for planes to take off.

Most of the people living in this village are professional pilots. Apart from this, doctors and lawyers also live in the village. These people are fond of keeping aeroplanes. The people here love airplanes so much that every Saturday morning they gather on the runway and drive to the local airport and have breakfast there. These people call it the Saturday morning gaggle.

You might be surprised to know that Spruce Creek isn’t the only place like this in America. There are many such villages in the US states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Washington and California. Where people have their own planes. There are over 600 fly-in communities living here. Spruce Creek is one of the largest fly-in communities.

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