Azamgarh / Varanasi : Bachbal village of Mehnagar tehsil is in discussion these days on internet media regarding PCS daughter-in-law Jyoti Maurya. Murari Maurya, former headmaster of Gopalpur Primary School and husband Alok Maurya, a sweeper, who worked hard to make Grameen Jyoti a PCS, are being praised.

People say that after passing PCS, there is no place for happiness in the in-laws’ house. Now not only the family members but also the villagers are worried about its effect on the society. Alok’s father Murari Maurya is saddened by this whole matter. He does not want to talk to anyone about this. He said, due to this case going on for so many days, his blood pressure has increased. He says with a heavy heart that Jyoti is not well.

Actually, Alok Maurya of Bachbal was married in 2010 to Jyoti Maurya, a resident of Chirgaon, Banaras. Jyoti first worked as a teacher and then cleared the PCS exam in 2016. Meanwhile, in 2015, he also had two twin daughters. Till the year 2022, the relationship between husband and wife will be good. The dispute started when Alok alleged that his wife Jyoti wanted to move away from him and live with another man.

When Alok protested, Jyoti Maurya (PCS Jyoti Maurya) replied in her own way and raised questions on the whole episode. Not only Alok’s father but the people of the village are also condemning this dispute. He says that the step taken by Jyoti Maurya is wrong. There are two children, what will happen to their lives.

Alok and his father mobilized resources to reach Jyoti to this point, which very few people are able to do. If this situation continues, then in the coming times, people will start shying away from teaching their daughters-in-law. In this regard, comments and videos are also going viral on the internet media.

with the card Relatives and villagers are also denying the matter of writing lie in the marriage card by the worker posing as village development officer. He says that there was no mention of the post on any of the cards distributed in the village. The card that is being discussed was distributed by the girls only.

PCS Jyoti Maurya said

PCS Jyoti Maurya- When Jyoti became PCS, her father-in-law Murari Maurya and husband had reached the office of a newspaper. Husband Alok Maurya spoke to wife Jyoti Maurya. In conversation with the newspaper, Jyoti Maurya gave full credit for becoming PCS to her father-in-law and husband Alok. She said that she could achieve success only because of her husband and father-in-law. I have no words for these people.

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