Shahpura-Moolchand Peswani

The Parshuram Kund Yatra being taken out by the Brahmin Samaj reached Shahpura on Thursday afternoon. The yatra was welcomed by the entire Brahmin society. The journey started from Bhana Ganesh ji with band bajos, Mandsori Dhol and Taal Majiro which reached Sadar Bazar, Balaji’s Chhatri. Men and women were dancing in the procession. On the umbrella of Balaji, Prasad was distributed by Sarv Brahmin Samaj under the leadership of Pandit Ashok Pondrik, Pandit Rakesh Bhatt by performing Maha Aarti of Lord Shri Parshuram. Welcome gates were made at various places in the market, traders welcomed the yatra by showering flowers in the market. A life size picture of Lord Shri Parshuram was decorated in an open jeep. Behind which Lord Parshuram’s chariot was moving across the country for the invitation. The statue of Lord Shri Parshuram has been installed inside the chariot, whose women and men performed aarti at different places. Starting from Balaji’s Chhatri, the yatra reached Kalijari Gate. The yatra was flagged off for Jahazpur in front of the garden of Lord Satyanarayana. During this, senior educationist Ramesh Chandra Galaria, former sarpanch Ashok Bhardwaj, Deepak Sultania, Gopi Sharma, senior state advocate of Bhilwara Kunal Ojha, Umashankar Pareek, councilor Rachna Mishra, former councilor Tara Chasta, former bank officer Akhil Vyas, who are traveling with the yatra. Ashok Chasta, Jagdish Sharma, Sunil Sharma, Sunil Dadhich, Surya Prakash Sharma, Mukesh Pareek, Naresh Vyas, Anil Dutt Pondrik, Mukesh Shukla, Minku Dutt Pondrik, Manish Dadhich, Sanjay Vyas, Ganesh Pareek, Sushil Gaur, Gopal Gaur, Subhash Vyas Many people were present including

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