Seoni (Madhya Pradesh): Over four dozen cows were found dead in Ganga River on the occasion of Bakri Eid on Monday in Seoni District. Local Hindus have expressed strong sentiments, claiming that the cows were slaughtered in three different areas of Seoni in a manner, which is disrespectful for their religious beliefs.

A post on X by Surbhi Vishwakarma, a journalist, highlights that no stringent action has been taken against those responsible for this act. The Hindu community in the area has urged authorities to swiftly address the issue and take appropriate measures against the perpetrators.

The locations namely Dhumapana, Nidh., and Sunwara police station areas. Here, according to the locals, the cows were killed, and thrown into the Ganga River.

In a recorded video, local Hindus expressed outrage, stating that the perpetrators not only slaughtered the cows but also threw their remains into the sacred Ganga river, deeply hurting Hindu religious sentiments. They emphasised that cows are revered as mothers in Hindu culture, and such acts disrespect their beliefs.

A case has been filed, and police are currently investigating the matter. No arrests have been made yet. Hindus in the region are urging strict action from authorities, tagging officials including MP CM Mohan Yadav, and the Madhya Pradesh Police Department in their demands.

They have also warned of potential protests in Seoni district if swift action is not taken within a week.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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