Orry Awatraman and Nysa Devgan: Nysa Devgan is currently the talk of the town. While there are rumors that Nysa Devgn is dating her friend Ori Avatram., now a post by Ori has grabbed everyone’s attention. This time he has shared a post with Nysa Devgan, in whose caption he has written, Baby, I am trying, don’t leave me now. At present, his post has come in the discussions. Nysa Devgn and Auri have been spotted spending time together over the past few days. Along with this, many of his pictures are also going viral. That’s why it seems that the discussion of their affair is also hot. In this way, discussion is going on about these pictures. So let’s see how netizens reacted to these pictures.

Nysa Devgn and Auri posted their mirror selfie on social media. So this time the discussion of this post of his is everywhere. Both were often spotted in London. So there was a stormy discussion on their internet. Nysa and Ori were often on the radar of netizens. He was also discussed a lot. In this, Auri is seen enjoying her life not only with Nyasa but also with many Bollywood starkids from Radhika Merchant. That’s why his luxurious life is often discussed. His net worth is also very strong.


Now coming back to this post. Auri has shared this post hiding Nyasa’s face, hence the discussion of this post has become even more colourful. From there, now his caption with Nysa has caught everyone’s attention. Now everyone is wondering from their post and caption whether these two are dating each other.

A user has commented that it is Auri, but who? The whole country wants to know. Why is he world famous like Virat Kohli and other players? If you tell someone, another user wrote that, I don’t know why so many girls run behind this eaves? So someone has commented on Nyasa that why is Nyasa so crazy about her cleavage? So one said that is this ori or orio biscuit? Along with this, Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor have also made many comments under this post.

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