Sculptures of ancient times have been found during excavation in the earthen mound in Kaman area of ​​Bharatpur district. This information was given to the officials of the Archaeological Department. The idols are said to be about one thousand years old. At present, they have been kept in the temple.

In Bharatpur district, devotees flocked to the temple after the ancient idols, about a thousand years old, were found during the excavation in the earthen mound located near the ancient Chamad Mata temple at Tirtharaj Vimal Kund of Kaman. After this, the officers of Police and Archaeological Department were called from the spot after giving information.

According to media reports, it was reported on Thursday that during the excavation of the earthen mound near the ancient temple Chamad Mata Temple, ancient idols were found, which were damaged in the excavation. The idols have been taken out and kept at the Chamad Mata temple. Only after the arrival of the officials of the Archaeological Department, the situation will be clear as to which gods and goddesses the figures made on these ancient idols belong to.

What did the priests say?

Priest Govind Das Maharaj and Kamaldas Baba told, Chamad Mata Temple is about 500 years old. There was an ancient temple on the old earthen mound near the temple, the remains of which are now being found in the excavation. Idols of this type are not even seen in today’s era. Such figures are found only on the idols of ancient times. These idols are said to be about one thousand years old. Soil is being excavated near the ancient temple of Chamunda Mata, that place has been told in the personal account of Chandrabhan Adhyapak, a resident of the town.

The team of the Archaeological Department did not reach…

The Kaman police station informed Murdeshwar Ali, dig superintendent of the archeology department, who informed that they come under the central government. First he informs the personnel coming under the state government. After this, information was given to Neeraj Tripathi, Superintendent of Archaeological and Museum Department, Bharatpur, which comes under the State Government, but after informing both the officials, no team could reach the Archaeological Department till evening.

Archaeological Department Dig Superintendent Muneshwar Ali said, Kaman police station has been informed that we come under the central government. First inform the personnel coming under the state government. The matter will be investigated on their behalf. If they do not understand, then our department will be informed by issuing a letter. After this our team will reach the spot. The Superintendent Archaeological and Museum Officer under the State Government sits at Bharatpur.

Archeology and Museum Department Bharatpur Superintendent Neeraj Tripathi said, idols have been found during excavation in Kaman, their police officers have sent photos. On the basis of those photos, it has been seen that the idols are about one thousand years old and are idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. One idol is in the shape of Shivling. Instructions have been given to the concerned employees, who will reach the spot and see the situation. More such idols are expected to be found on the spot, it will be investigated.

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