According to ‘tears are the silent language of sorrow’. Whenever the pain inside us becomes unbearable, tears start flowing from our eyes as a reaction to it. Then the painful disorder of the mind bursts from the eyes. Tears are directly related to our mood. Sometimes in happiness and sometimes in sorrow, suddenly tears fall from our eyes. Sometimes seeing the suffering of others, pain arises inside us. Rangeya Raghav has said that ‘the tears of those who weep for others outweigh the glitter of diamonds’. Man is a social .mal full of emotions. He does not like to see others in pain. Only then does he try to remove the sufferings of others. We should try not to let tears flow from anyone’s eyes because of us. If a person is sad for any reason then we should try our best to wipe his tears. Only then can he become eligible to be called a human being.


The tears that come out of our eyes are the mirror of our own mind, which says a lot even if it is not said. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that ‘I have a strong desire to be able to wipe at least one tear from one eye.’ The positive aspects of tears have also been mentioned. Emotional tears release sadness, loneliness, and anger. Crying removes all the impurities of the mind. That’s why whenever there is a need to cry for any reason, it should not be stopped, but should be allowed to come out openly. Otherwise, these tears stuck in the eyes can cause many disorders from inside. Crying also releases chemicals from the body that cause stress. As these chemicals leave the body, the heart feels a little lighter and calmer. Well! whatever, We should try that no one should suffer because of us. We should try to wipe the tears of others.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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