Old Pension Scheme News : After the formation of the government in Himachal Pradesh, the first priority was decided that the promise of giving Old Pension Scheme to the employees would be fulfilled. The government has also taken steps for this. However, after the formation of the government, 2 months time was given and the employees were applied whether they want to go with the old pension scheme (OPS Pension Scheme) or stay in NPS! Sufficient time was given to the employees to exercise this option, now the last date has passed. But a big figure has come out from this application!

Old Pension Scheme News

Old Pension Scheme News

According to the information, about 1.18 employees in Himachal Pradesh have adopted the Old Pension Scheme. At the same time, only 346 employees have given consent to remain in the National Institutional System ie NPS. The last chance to choose between NPS and IPS was given on Monday. Abhishek has been stopped. But the figures that have come after the last date are quite shocking. It can be estimated from this that how many employees of the country want to get the old pension scheme (OPS Pension Scheme) like a drop of Swati!

GPF Account is being opened

Employees’ GPF accounts are being opened under the Old Pension Scheme! Now it is being known that its speed has now reduced considerably. Till now only 5000 accounts have been opened. In this matter, the Finance Department says that there will be no hindrance in giving the old pension scheme. As the first priority of the government, the Old Pension Scheme (OPS Pension Scheme) is being given a fast shape!

1.18 lakh people opted for old pension

Let us tell you that only 346 employees in Himachal Pradesh want to live in the National Pension System ie NPS! About 1.18 lakh employees have opted for the old pension scheme (OPS Pension Scheme) ie OPS! Here on Monday was the last chance to choose the old pension scheme and the new pension scheme. On May 4, the government had given two months time to the employees of Himachal Pradesh.

What is Old Pension Scheme?

Old Pension Scheme is a retirement scheme of the Central Government, under which monthly pension is provided to the beneficiaries till the end of their life. Under this, the monthly pension amount is equal to half of the last pay drawn by an individual. Whereas, New Pension Scheme (NPS) is the new retirement scheme of the Central Government in which the beneficiaries can withdraw 60% of the invested amount after retirement. The central government started this scheme from January 1, 2004. Actually, under the old pension scheme (OPS Pension Scheme), the amount of pension is given by the government. At the same time, along with the employee, the government also contributes to NPS.

Government gave option Old Pension Scheme

Earlier this month, the central government allowed select employees to opt for the old pension scheme (OPS Pension Scheme). The employees who had joined the Central Government services before 22 December 2003 are eligible to join the Old Pension Scheme. Let us tell you that on this day the National Pension System (NPS) was notified. A select group of government employees can exercise this option till August 31, 2023.

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