Karnataka High Court Classic Legends And Boman Irani to Yezdi The use of the trademark or any other trademark related to it is prohibited. On the reason behind this, the court has told that all the certificates issued in the name of Boman Irani Trademark And the registration certificates are not legally valid. Other than this Ideal Jawa All the trademarks will remain in the custody of the court, as it is under liquidation.

The court has said that Classic Legends and Boman Irani’s Ideal Jawa will have to pay the profits they have earned by using the trademarks belonging to Yezdi. Judge SR Krishna Kumar has asked the Registrar of Trademarks in Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad to cancel all related registrations through the Official Liquidator, who will also receive Rs 10 lakh from Boman Irani and Classic Legends as per the court order.

Boman Irani has no right on the trademark

The judge said that along with Boman Irani, his father Rustom Irani also had no right over the trademark. He had used the trademark since 1969 by registering it with the Ideal Java Company. The Court has prohibited Boman Irani or any Yezdi through him from using the Yezdi or any related trademarks.

Restriction on application of Yezdi trademark

No one other than the Official Liquidator can make an application for the registration of the Yezdi trademark in any form whatsoever. The Registrar of Trademarks shall not allow this in any of its offices without the consent of the Court. The trademark registration granted to Boman Irani and Classic Legends has been challenged by the Ideal Jawa Employees Union and the Official Liquidator.

The Yezdi brand made a comeback earlier this year through Classic Legends and currently sells the Yezdi Roadster, Adventure and Scrambler at the same dealerships as the Jawa brand.

Let us tell you that Classic Legends is betting big on the Yezdi brand. They are trying to bring back old memories from the 1960s and 1970s. The most famous Yezdi motorcycle of all time was powered by a 250 cc single-cylinder engine and was offered in several models and variants.

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