New Delhi Whether it is winter or summer, electricity consumption is high. AC, cooler and fans run whole day in summer, due to which the electricity bill comes more. And in winter, the room heater works to increase the electricity bill.

Electricity prices are increasing with inflation. But if you want, you can get rid of this bill forever. For this, you have to invest money only once in the government’s Solar Rooftop Subsidy Yojana. Know here the special things related to this scheme.

What is special about this government scheme

PM Narendra Modi is running the Solar Power Scheme of the government. Under this scheme, you can get solar panels installed on the roof of your house.

In this scheme, you will also get subsidy from the government and you will have to spend only 72 thousand rupees. Depending on the power of solar panels you are installing, the price may be more or less.

If you want, you can give this money in lump sum or you can pay it in installments. After installing solar panels, you will get free electricity for 24 hours for 25 years, which means you will get rid of electricity bill completely.

how is the deal profitable for you

You should also understand how you are benefited in the solar power scheme. If you use AC, fans, coolers and lights etc. in your house during summer, then you have to pay an electricity bill of at least 5 thousand to 7 thousand on an average every month.

Even if you do not use AC, you have to pay a bill of at least two to two and a half thousand rupees. Even if the cooler and AC do not work in winter, this bill still comes between two to two and a half thousand.

In such a situation, even if you look at 2.5 thousand rupees, then in 2.5 years you pay more than 72 thousand bills. On the other hand, if you spend 72 thousand rupees in this scheme of the government, then you can take advantage of free electricity facility for 24 hours for 25 years.

If you are not able to pay this amount in one go, then you can pay an amount of 72 thousand by paying EMI every month like electricity bill. After a year or two, electricity will be completely free for you.

how to apply

First of all, you have to go to the official website of this scheme
After this, click on Apply for Solar Rooftop on the home page.
Now click on the link of your state. After this the page of Solar Roof Application will open in front of you.
Submit the application by filling all the applications in it.

Panel can be moved easily

The good thing is that you can easily move this panel from one place to another. You do not have to spend anything for its maintenance.

Its battery needs to be changed in just 10 years. If you run an AC in the house, then by installing a solar panel of two kilowatts, your work will be done.

earning option

One advantage of installing solar panels on the roof is that you can also earn through it. If you are producing more electricity than you need from your solar panels, then you can sell it to the electricity distribution companies. With this, your electricity will remain free, as well as you can earn from it.


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