new Delhi. Laddoos are made in abundance in winters as compared to summers. Ladoo is one of the Indian traditional sweets. Many varieties of which are made. In such a situation, whenever the mission is over in your house, then you want a new twist in laddoos, then you can make laddoos from Parle ji as well. Yes, you have heard it right, you can make laddoos from Parle Ji Biscuit anytime. Hardly you must have heard about this laddu but this recipe is quite unique and looks very tasty to eat.

parle-g is the oldest biscuit brand sold in India, which is easily available in every shop. The combination of parle-g goes very well with tea. In such a situation, you can make laddoos from parle-g with very little time and ingredients, let’s know the method of making parle di cake.

Parle Ji Biscuit 12 to 15
1/2 cup ghee
dry fruit,
½ cup sugar and water

How to make Laddoos with Parle Ji Biscuit

To make Parle Ji Laddu, you have to take biscuits first. It has to be roasted in half with ghee in a pan, then you take it out and grind it well, put sugar and water in a pan and let it cook well. After this you add milk powder and mix it, now add dry fruit and crushed biscuits to it, now you have to turn off the gas and leave it to cool down a bit for a few seconds. Later, when it comes to the consistency of making laddoos, make laddoos with light hands. Make laddus and serve them hot, people are going to like them very much.

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