New Delhi: Bharat 6G Alliance: Some time has passed since 5G was launched in India but still many users have not been able to completely shift to 5G network. Meanwhile, a stir has started in the market regarding 6G service as well. Where on one hand people are not able to use 5G completely, in the meantime many rumors are being heard about 6G due to which a different craze is being seen among people. Let us tell you that Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has announced a new alliance to launch 6G.

At the same time, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has announced the Bharat 6G Alliance, in which work is being done on the innovation of new wireless technology. Bharat 6G Alliance is one such collaborative platform that includes public and private, academics, research institutes and standards development org.zations. Its website has also been launched.

At the same time, according to the government, the main objective of the Bharat 6G Alliance is to understand and promote the business and social needs of 6G, moving away from the technical requirements. The India 6G Alliance aims to bring together the Indian startups, and manufacturing ecosystem to form consortia that work on the design, development and deployment of 6G technology in India.

What will 6G be in the future

6G users are expected to be provided with better reliability, ultra-low latency and cost-effective features. Along with this, it is being said that 6G will have 100 times the speed of 5G. It is expected that after the arrival of 6G, 1,50,000 broadband connections can be installed in areas like villages because the government wants that through 6G, it can provide affordable and reliable internet service in rural areas, education, e- Development can be seen in many areas including commerce.

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