A healthy diet is essential for a healthy heart. One study found that people who do not consume six important nutrients in their daily diet have a higher risk of heart disease.

According to the study, eating full-fat dairy products, seafood, legumes, dried fruits, fruits and vegetables does not increase the risk of heart disease. The study was conducted by researchers at the Population Research Health Institute (PHRI) in Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University. In this study, PHRI researchers analyzed daily food intake data of 245,000 people from 80 countries.

The research results have been published in the European Heart Journal. Researchers have made a diet chart for healthy food based on the study, according to which two or three fruits, two to three bowls of green vegetables, one plate of nuts and two dairy products should be eaten a day for a healthy heart. Apart from this, fish can be consumed two days and meat one day in two weeks. The World Health Org.zation estimates that 1.8 million people died of heart disease in 2019.