Actually, this news is for those who are afraid of snakes. Let us tell such people that there is a country in the world where snakes are not found. There are solid reasons behind this.

The country which does not have snakes is called Ireland. Not a single snake is found here. There is a very interesting reason why there are no snakes in Ireland.

There is a legend behind the absence of snakes in Ireland. It is said that in order to protect Christi.ty in Ireland, a saint named St. Patrick surrounded the snakes of the whole country and then removed them from this island and threw them into the sea. He completed this work by starving for 40 days.

At the same time, scientists say that there were never snakes in this country. There is no record of snakes in Ireland’s Department of Fossil Records.

There is a popular story about the absence of snakes in Ireland. It is said that earlier there were snakes here, but they became extinct due to extreme cold. Since then it was believed that snakes are not found here due to extreme cold.

This is the matter of snakes, but there are many other big things related to Ireland. The world’s largest ship Tit.c was also built in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Apart from this, you will be surprised to know that there is a bar built here in the 9th century which is still running today. Apart from this, it is said that if the ancestors of all the polar bears present on the earth are traced, then all of them are the descendants of the female brown bear living in Ireland 50 thousand years ago.

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