Nora Fatehi: Bollywood’s dancing queen Nora Fatehi is very popular today. Nora Fatehi has carved a niche for herself in the industry in a very short span of time. Nora Fatehi had to struggle a lot to reach this point. Faced threats and rejection. Today we are going to tell you how were the days of Nora Fatehi’s struggle and what kind of difficulties she had to face. Nora Fatehi told in an interview how her days of struggle were.

Nora said in this interview that when she came to India from Canada, she felt that she would get a red carpet welcome as soon as she reached India. Nora said in an interview that she hoped that a long limousine would come to pick her up at the airport and the driver would open the door for her. But according to Nora, she had to face the reality as soon as she came to India. He felt as if someone had hit him hard. His illusion was shattered.

Nora Fatehi also told about the bitter incident that happened to her in the initial days. Nora told in an interview that she was called for audition and was asked to speak dialogues in Hindi. He spoke about the humiliation he felt as the casting director made fun of him for not knowing Hindi. Not only this, Nora had to face a lot of rejections during her struggling days. But gradually the time changed and Nora started getting recognition on the basis of her dancing talent. Today he has made his own name in the film industry.

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