Mumbai: The person who does not once, thrice Nitin Gadkari For example, a strongman can dare to threaten a Union Minister, a person who can make threatening calls demanding extortion of crores of rupees while in jail, a person who can threaten people from Nagpur, sometimes Delhi, sometimes office and sometimes home phone numbers. It is not difficult to guess how dangerous the intention he would be. According to the information being received, those who threatened Gadkari Jayesh Pujari The aim was to do a great job, Dawood Ibrahim To be a second don!

Information is being received about the accused Jayesh Pujari that he was in constant contact with Dawood Ibrahim’s D Company. Apart from this, he was in contact with the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. Was associated with PFI. Nagpur police investigation has also revealed that he had a hand in the murder of KS Eshwarappa, the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka. On Thursday, NIA has started questioning him by taking him in its custody from Nagpur Police.

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There was a passion to become another Dawood, there was also preparation to weave a trap

Till now, only this information has come out from the Nagpur Police that Jayesh Pujari was expanding his network very fast to make himself big like Dawood Ibrahim. He had made his network in many cities of Karnataka. To spread his gang, he wanted to spread the business of extortion, extortion and ransom rapidly.

Money was needed to increase the gang, so extortion was sought from Gadkari

In this connection, last month Nitin Gadkari’s contact office in Nagpur was asked for recovery amount by making threatening calls. A bank account number was given to deposit the amount. Was asked to put money in that bank account. After this Nagpur police went to Karnataka and took Jayesh Pujari into their custody. Now NIA has taken him in its custody. According to information received from sources, a case has been registered against him under UPAA.

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D gang, along with Lashkar and PFI, was running the game from jail

While in Karnataka’s Belgaum Jail, he came in contact with Mridul, Yusuf and Rashid Malbari of D Company. He also met Afsar Pasha, the secretary of the Popular Front of India (PFI) in jail. While in jail, he also increased his contact with the person who converted from Jayesh to Salim Shaheer. He also went to Assam with the help of terrorist organizations. There he and his associates took training in making weapons and bombs. All this made his plans dangerous.