Although every common and special person bid farewell to the Thirty First Night in his own way and welcomed the New Year in his own way, but Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde remembered the year 2022 in a special way in his Facebook post. MP Sanjay Raut also bid farewell to the old year by tweeting a special poem. Shinde, a Shiv Sena leader and now the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, rebelled against his own party leader Uddhav Thackeray by taking 40 leaders of his own party. This pain is clearly visible in Raut’s tweet.

Sanjay Raut was arrested in the correspondence scam. He had to stay in jail for more than 100 days. After this, he was released after taking bail. The realization of all these things is clear in his tweet. He has shared a photo of the sunset in his tweet.

Who says time doesn’t die, we have seen years end…

Sanjay Raut has shared four lines of Mithilesh Baria with a picture of the last sunset of the year 2022. It is written in it- Who says time does not die, we have seen years ending in December!

That’s why the post of Chief Minister Shinde is discussed, the year 2022 was remembered like this

CM Eknath Shinde has also shared a beautiful picture of the sunset of the last evening of the year 2022 and wrote, “The year 2022 is ending with many sweet and bitter memories, on the other hand the year 2023 encourages us to dream high of new development.” is giving. We all are walking in the coming new year with new dreams, new hopes, new desires, new intentions, new paths.

CM Shinde further wrote, “But, being a sensible resident, we all have to take care that while welcoming the new year, our enthusiasm, our work, our behavior should not harm anyone directly or secretly. I have no doubt that along with the police, other government agencies will also do their duty properly. We all also need to support them. So let us all say goodbye to the year 2022 while walking and welcome the new year 2023 with happiness….” CM Shinde has done this post in Marathi.

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