Delhi girl abduction case: On Sunday (January 1), a case of painful death of a girl from Kanjwala, Delhi has come to light. Here some youths hit a girl riding a scooty and then instead of helping, dragged her for several kilometers. The girl child has died in this accident. In this case, a new twist has come from the medical report of the girl and the statement of the eyewitness.

The doctor has only mentioned the injury on the girl’s head in the medical report. Also, eyewitnesses say that the girl was thrown out of the car. In front of the APB News team that reached ground zero, an eyewitness claimed that no one saw the accident, the girl was thrown from the car.

eyewitnesses claim

Eyewitnesses claimed that the girl’s upper body was not mutilated. Seeing the police coming, the accused threw the body out of the car. The incident is of the intervening night of December 31 and January 1. The police have arrested five youths in the car in this case. After this incident, the police have registered a case of murder.

Rahul Dev

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