Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced his resignation on Friday, days after a split in the ruling coalition. General elections will be held in the Netherlands following the resignation of Mark Rutte as Prime Minister. It is believed that voting for the 150-seat lower house of parliament could be held by the end of this year.

Why did Mark Root resign?

The outgoing prime minister offered the resignation of all ministers, including himself and the secretaries of state, to King Willem-Alexander. According to the report, Mark Root will meet King Alexander on Saturday and explain why he has taken such a big step.

Differences on Migration Policy

Addressing a press conference, Mark Rutte said the coalition partners have very different views on migration policy and that is no secret. So we have to conclude that those differences are irrelevant. Therefore, I have sent the resignation of the entire cabinet to the king in writing with immediate effect.

He said that “if you ask people, migration policy is an important issue in Ukraine besides the war, and we think it’s important to control it,” noting that a coalition government led by Mark Rutte would be formed in January 2022. was formed, but soon afterwards differences emerged between the coalition partners over migration policy, and eventually Mark Rutte announced his resignation as Prime Minister.

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