Nautpa has started from the night of 25th May, it will remain till 9th ​​June. During this, there will be severe heat for 9 days. Not only humans but animals and birds too Sun Will be troubled by the heat. During Nautapa, Suryadev will be at his full peak and will rain unbearable fire. In such a situation, if someone stands in the sun for a long time, he can even become ill. After all, why the heat of Sun God becomes unbearable during Nautapa, it tells you. Naupata is very important not only from the religious angle but also from the scientific point of view.

Astronomers say that in May the sun reaches just above the earth. Because of which the sun’s rays start falling directly on the earth and its temperature increases. The temperature of the earth becomes very high, this time is of severe heat. During this, there is severe heat, this is called Nautpa. Many religious beliefs and traditions are also associated with Nautapa. According to astrology, total 27 constellations are divided into 12 zodiac signs. Every year around May 15, Sun God enters Taurus and then it enters Rohini Nakshatra. Sun stays in this Nakshatra for full 15 days, the first 9 days of this Nakshatra are called Nautapa. It is very hot in Nautpa. That’s why special care should be taken of animals and birds.

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What special measures should be taken in Nautpa

  1. Charity and charity have special importance in Nautapa. The person who donates seasonal fruits and other things during this time gets the blessings of God along with virtue.
  2. During Nautapa, the form of Sun God becomes very fierce. That’s why it is considered good to donate things that give coolness.
  3. Donate seasonal fruits like watermelon, melon and mango. Donating sattu, syrup, fan, umbrella, shoes is also very auspicious in Nautapa.
  4. Make arrangements for drinking water for the dumb animals and birds for 9 days of Nautpa. Fill water in utensils at different places, so that animals and birds can quench their thirst.
  5. Give different beverages including water or sherbet to the passers-by. Donating water during Nautapa is considered very auspicious.
  6. If you live near a temple, then put a carpet on the ground for those who come there so that their feet do not burn due to the heat and arrange for cold water.
  7. Take care of trees and plants during Nautapa, as well as plant new plants and take good care of them. With the arrival of rains in a few days, these plants will start flourishing, this brings happiness and prosperity in the house.
  8. During Nautapa, an idol of Lord Brahmadev made of flour should be worshipped, God gets pleased with it and gives happiness and prosperity.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and public beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for it. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.)