Ram Kumar, 20, of Rathi Rodi village in Faridkot, who has won five medals at the national level, is battling poverty. The situation is such that they are not even getting food. Due to this, Ram Kumar is taking care of himself and his family by doing wages. Ram Kumar has requested the administration and the government for help so that he can bring glory to the country by playing at the international level.

Ram Kumar was attracted to wrestling since the fourth grade. After this Ram started playing wrestling with the help of his teachers. Meanwhile, participated in the sports competitions of primary schools org.zed at the district level. Gradually he started playing first at the district level, then at the state level and later at the national level. Meanwhile, Ram Kumar started practicing at the Baba Sheikh Farid Wrestling Arena (Faridkot). Coaches Indrajit Singh and Hargobind Singh taught Ram Kumar the art of wrestling.

Ram Kumar has wrestled 12 times at National level from 2017 to 2022 and also participated in Senior National in 2022. Ram Kumar has won one silver and four bronze medals at the national level. He has been the Punjab wrestling champion in the 55 kg weight category for four years. Apart from this, he has played in many states of India including Maharashtra, Odisha, Assam, Delhi, Bihar, Haryana.

Ram Kumar is the only brother of four sisters. These days he is facing financial crisis. Parents run their household by selling vegetables in the village. But for this game he needs enough food. So he is forced to work. Though Ram Kumar’s practice continues, he is finding it difficult to move forward due to not getting enough food.


Ram Kumar told that due to the critical condition of the house, he is forced to do daily wages. He said that if the government helps, it can brighten the name of Punjab and India at the international level. Currently, Ram Kumar has taken BA degree from Brijendra College this year and is also doing basic computer course.

Ram Kumar’s father Ram Chand said that his son is very hardworking and he started working hard from childhood. They take pride in the fact that their child still takes regular exercise but is forced to work as a daily wage earner. This will also hinder his studies. In such a situation, if the government helps, then along with studies, they will also make their name famous in sports.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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