Bollywood actress Mouni Roy who is also famous as ‘Naagin’, Mouni has recently posted very bold and sexy photos on her Instagram account. In which this beauty has taken off her coat and posed in such a way that the temperature of social media has increased. While many people have praised Mouni Rai in these pictures, there are many people who are trolling her fiercely.

Mouni Roy

The actress looks quite bold in the pictures shared on Instagram. Mouni experiments a lot with her outfits in the pictures. In her latest pictures, Mouni Roy got clicked during her Dubai vacation. In this photo, Mouni has covered her bold outfit with a black coat before, but later shows everything. The actress is looking very hot in this outfit.

Mouni Roy

Taking off the mouni coat in the photo, the fans have lost their sweat by showing such style in this winter season. Mouni is seen in these pictures in a tight bodysuit and stylish shorts. Fans are praising Mouni’s look, while trollers are also trolling her. Commenting people have written that Mouni is becoming very thin, so the reason is not as good as it used to be. Mouni Roy is being trolled for her very thin legs.

Mouni Roy

Users are not only trolling Mouni for her low weight, but fans are also trolling her for her height. In fact, the angles from which this beauty has clicked photos, she is looking very tall, due to which people are making fun of her.

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