former russian president Dmitry Medvedev of Russia President Vladimir Putin K’s left hand (most special) is considered. 2022 is bidding farewell and people are eagerly waiting for 2023. Medvedev has predicted for the new year. He tweeted 10 predictions for 2023. He wrote that on New Year’s Eve everyone is making predictions. Many people are making extraordinary and absurd predictions. In this, our contribution was here. Know what can happen in 2023?

One of Dimitri’s many predictions created a stir. He tweeted that a civil war would break out in California, USA. As a result, Texas would become an independent state. Mexico and Texas will merge to form a new state. Elon Musk will win the presidential election in most states of America. The civil war will end as soon as Musk becomes the President. Along with this, he said that all the major stock markets and economic centers of the world will shift from America and Europe to Asia. After this prediction of his, a debate has started on social media.

Musk and Russia’s closeness

The closeness of Elon Musk and Russia is not hidden from anyone. Its history is a bit old and linked to American politics. Bipoles took place in America only a few days ago. Trump tried his best to capture the Senate in these elections, but Joe Biden was successful in winning these elections. Although there have been very few presidents in American history who have won the bipoll, otherwise an atmosphere is always created against the party in power. It was the same in America, but Biden got attention in front of Trump’s image. Musk appealed to vote for Trump. There is a deep friendship between Musk and Trump. On the other hand, the relationship between Trump and Putin is strong. There were even allegations that Russia was behind making Trump the President. Now you must have easily understood the whole story.

Dmitri Medvedev’s shocking prediction

Dimitri did not stop here. He also did many other productions. In another tweet, he wrote that Poland and Hungary will occupy the western region that was once part of Ukraine. Northern Ireland will separate from Britain in 2023 and join the Republic of Ireland. Dimitri’s first tweet was about oil prices, which if true would be a big crisis for the world. He said that oil prices will reach $ 150 per barrel.

EU will fall apart

In Medvedev’s hypothesis, Britain will once again join the European Union and after that the EU will disintegrate. The currency euro of the European Union will also be completely ruined. He further stated that Germany, Poland, Baltic States, Czech, Slovakia, Kyiv Republic and others would come together, leading to the rise of the Nazi Empire. Together they will fight with France. Europe will be divided by this.

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