California: Mark Zuckerberg has launched a new social media site Threads, giving a direct challenge to Elon Musk, who recently bought Twitter. After several rounds of talks, Elon Musk bought the microblogging site Twitter for $44 billion. Elon settled the deal at $54.20 per share. Then, he drew attention to the layoff of 80 percent of the workforce. To increase the company’s profits, Mark Zuckerberg poses the biggest challenge to Allen, who is barely laughing after BlueTick’s price of Rs 900 a month. Zuckerberg, who specializes in adapting other people’s ideas, has tried to modernize it by creating an interface that attracts the attention of the new generation ie Gen-Z. The effort has been supported by several social media influencers.

Since this new site is a twin of Instagram, it seems like many people have taken to it on day one, as users can easily add followers. It is said that fed up with the political color of the once popular Twitter, many people said goodbye to this app. One of the reasons the new app has attracted so many people is its lack of political overtones.

Meta’s social media platform Threads has been launched in 100 countries including US, India, Japan, UK, Australia, Canada. Designed to compete with Twitter, the platform will provide live updates and discussions on various topics. Twitter has 280 characters for tweets, which is designed for 500 characters in threads. Here users can keep their point in 500 characters. Threads was not launched in EU member states due to data privacy concerns.

Launching this new platform, Mark Zuckerberg said, it is a friendly place. We work differently. This is the reason why Twitter has not been as successful as it should have been. This platform will be successful because it is a user friendly platform. As Twitter gives different options in the post, so it has the same options. Threads have a Like button. Also there are options to repost, reply and quote a thread. Videos and photos of up to five minutes can also be shared on the platform.

An official statement from Meta said that the entire focus of the platform is on text. Communication is meant to happen. What happens for photos and videos in Instagram will also happen for text in this platform. Along with this, such an arrangement has been made that Instagram users can open an account with the same name. Instagram users will be given a separate extension.

About this platform launched to compete with Twitter, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sarcastically tweeted that all your threads are ours. Threads means thread or thread. In that context, Jack Dorsey made this joke on Meta’s privacy issue. In that tweet, Elon Musk, the current owner of Twitter, replied and agreed: Yes. Social media was flooded with memes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

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