Mumbai of Maharashtra (Bombay) in fake overseas call center Fraud of crores through Fraud The matter has come to the fore. Mumbai Police’s Kandivali Unit (Crime Branch) busted fake foreign call center (Call Center)6 people including 2 directors who run it have been arrested. The police is questioning them. A police officer told that these people used to target only foreign citizens.

Pen drives, hard disks, laptops and software have been seized from the arrested people. According to the crime branch, around 61 people worked in the call centre, including 25 girls. According to the information, these people used to get more than two and a half thousand foreign nationals to invest at least $ 200 from each foreign national in the name of investment in crypto currency, commodity and forex. A case of cheating of Rs 4 crore from foreign nationals has come to the fore.

Used to invest at least $ 200

In fact, Crime Branch Unit 11’s Senior PI Vinayak Chauhan had received information that a fake call center was being run to invest foreign currency by making internet calls at office number 301, third floor, DLS Park in Goregaon Prem Nagar area, in which only foreigners Citizens were selected. According to the information of the crime branch, these people made an investment of at least $ 200 in the name of giving good returns to foreign nationals through commodity, forex trade, other methods, by making internet calls using foreign languages. Used to get it done.

About 61 people used to work in the fake call center

According to the police, about 61 people used to make calls in the fake call center, including 25 girls. All these girls used to claim to run call centers from abroad using foreign languages. These people used to share the details and money of all investors through their website www.w, so that people get confidence to invest. The arrested accused include Inder Kumar Ravishankar Pasi (30), Irfan Iqbal Danawala (43), Zahid Xavier Shaikh (43), Sreeju Valson Panicker (32), Isai Kumar (27), Ankush Sanjar Sharma (26). Police has seized 3 different software, 06 laptops and headphones from them.

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