Barabanki, 07 July (Hindustan Times). In the Kunteshwar Dham established in the district, even today, the mother of the Pandavas, Kunti first comes to the Shiva temple to worship. Performing Jalabhishek in this Shiva temple established by his hands gives desired results. In the months of Sawan, devotees from far and wide come to this Dham to offer water.

Kunteshwar Dham is situated two kilometers north of the main square of town Badosarai on Ramnagar Tikaitnagar road, about 40 kilometers away from the district headquarters. Historians believe that this Dham was established by Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. It is believed that by performing Jalabhishek of the wonderful Shivling implanted by Mother Kunti, devotees get desired results. Describing the importance of this Shivling, famous poet Shivraj Shiv has done something like this in the lines of his poem.

“Not a tree like Kalpataru, but a place like Kunteshwar.

All work is completed only by mere sight.

Double whammy of time fell on the Pandavas.

Rajkaj fear wealth help Kinh Tripurar.

Dwapar Kaal Yugin of Kunti Maa’s hand.

Very ancient temple of Kunteshwar Mahadev.

Supernatural shades everywhere from Shiva Nayanabhiram.

No one left empty handed from Kunteshwar Dham.

The mythology of the Shiva temple is proved by the lines of Shivraj. It is said that in the Mahabharata period, due to the defeat of the Pandavas in the game, they had to face the punishment of 12 years of harsh exile and one year of ignorance. During the exile, the Pandavas also spent some time near the Ghaghra river. During this, Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas, asked Mahabali Bhima to bring the Shivling for Shivarchan. After getting the permission of Mother Kunti, Bhima wandered in the mountains, keeping a Shivling in the bahangi. When he found it difficult to walk, he placed another Shivling of the same size on the other side of Bahangi. One of those Shivling was transplanted by Mother Kunti with her own hands on the banks of river Ghaghra. The name of that place was earlier Kunteshwar Dham. Gradually, the population started increasing there and the village was settled, which changed over time and became famous as Kuntipur to Kintur.

The elders of the village tell that once upon a time, Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas and Gandhari, the mother of Duryadhan, came to worship at this place at the same time. Both started wishing for the victory of their respective sons. Lord Bholenath came to know the wishes of both of them and then there was a voice in the sky. It said that the women who worship me first with golden flowers tomorrow morning, their son will be victorious in the war.

Mother Kunti became sad after listening to Akashv., because Kunti had nothing at that time, then from where would she get so much gold. Hearing the reason for Kunti’s sorrow, Shri Krishna said that I will bring you such a golden flower which will be unique in this world. After that, Lord Shri Krishna and Arjuna went to Indra’s garden in heaven and from there brought a branch of the Parijat tree and with its golden aura flowers, Mother Kunti first worshiped Shiva. Pandavas got victory. After that the branch of Parijat tree was transplanted in Vidur Ashram Baraulia. Since then Kunteshwar Dham and Parijat tree are maintaining their existence.

People believe that even today Mother Kunti performs the first Shivcharan on the Shivling. Because all the flowers offered here are removed at night. But at twelve o’clock in the night some invisible power comes here and meditates, which remains a mystery in itself. People believe that the wishes of the devotees who come here are definitely fulfilled.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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