Health Tips: As the heat is increasing, the outbreak of mosquitoes is also increasing. Especially nowadays mosquitoes grow very fast and bite people a lot in the evening. Be it children or elders, they are very troubled by mosquito bites. In such a situation, we tell you 5 home remedies to get rid of it.

lemon balm
Lemon balm, which resembles peppermint, is used for skin problems. Actually, its extract helps in reducing itching. Grinding its leaves and applying it on mosquito bites reduces burning sensation and swelling.

basil leaves
Tulsi leaves also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce itching, burning, and redness. In this case, heat basil leaves in a cup of water, when half of the water is left, cool it and dip cotton in it and apply it on the place where the mosquito has bitten.

peppermint oil
You will easily find peppermint oil in the market, which helps in reducing itching and redness. Its cooling property keeps the skin cool. For this, mix aloe vera gel and a few drops of peppermint oil in one teaspoon of coconut oil and apply it on the mosquito bite.

Yes, garlic is also useful in reducing itching and burning. For this, mix coconut oil, aloe vera gel and garlic and apply it for 10 minutes on the place where the mosquito has bitten. Then wash and apply some cream.

If blisters and red rashes occur on mosquito bites, then ice is a good option to reduce it. Applying ice helps relieve irritation and reduce redness. But do not apply it directly on the skin. Dab it in a cotton cloth and then rub it all over the skin.

Rahul Dev

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