The High Court is now going to give its verdict in the case of Modi surname, which made Rahul Gandhi a popular leader in politics. The High Court will give its verdict in this matter on Friday.

The High Court is going to give its verdict on the reconsideration petition filed on the issue of punishment given to Rahul Gandhi in the Modi surname controversy. Last time, the court refused to give interim protection to Hal Gandhi and reserved his petition for consideration.

If the decision in this case comes in favor of Rahul Gandhi, then it will be a big blow for Modi government and BJP. If this happens, Rahul Gandhi will once again become a member of the Parliament and will surround the Modi government in the Parliament as well.

If this decision goes against Rahul Gandhi, he will have the option of appealing before a higher bench of the Gujarat High Court. At present, Rahul Gandhi has been suspended as a Member of Parliament due to his two-year sentence.

Let us tell you here that on March 23, the sessions court of Surat convicted Rahul Gandhi in a criminal defamation case and sentenced him to two years in jail. After being granted bail by the court, Rahul Gandhi’s lawyer Kirit Panwala told Surat Additional Sessions Court Judge R.P. Appealed against the decision to Mogera.

Addressing a rally in Kolar, Karnataka ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi reportedly remarked that why all thieves have the same surname as Modi?

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