New Delhi : Mint leaves are used to enhance the taste of almost every food in summer. In this season, they bring coolness to the body and protect it from many diseases. Nutrients like Vitamin-C, Protein, Menthol, Vitamin-A, Copper, Carbohydrate are found in these. In summer people often suffer from vomiting, heartburn, gas etc. In such a situation, you can get relief by using these leaves.

beneficial for the digestive system

Peppermint can be a natural remedy for digestive problems. It has antiseptic properties, which help in relieving indigestion. Mint water also cures stomach disorders. So drink mint water to get relief from stomach problems in summer.

effective in asthma

Mint is very beneficial for asthma patients. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it provide relief from nasal congestion. If you are suffering from asthma then you can take steam with mint water.

cold treatment

Mint leaves also help in providing relief from cold and cough. Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, anti-bacterial properties are found in these. So you can drink mint tea, which can give you relief from cold.

headache relief

The refreshing aroma of mint leaves can help in relieving headache. So you can massage with peppermint oil or peppermint balm to get rid of headache.

help with weight loss

Mint leaves are also helpful in weight loss. So prepare a drink of mint leaves, then add lemon juice and black pepper powder to it. You can drink this drink on an empty stomach daily. This will help you in reducing weight.

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