Meta Threads App: Threads has recently been launched by Meta as a rival to Twitter. It has been introduced on last Thursday i.e. 6th July. Let us tell you that it is being called ‘Twitter Killer’ app.

The app currently has 50 million users, a figure 24 hours after its launch. Text-based microblogging service Meta is linked to the popular photo and video sharing service, Instagram.

instagram user base used

Meta is using Instagram’s user base of over 2.35 billion active users to sign up users to threads. Meanwhile, competitor Twitter has already begun to be affected, with its recently appointed CEO issuing a statement threatening to sue Meta over Threads.

On Friday, The Verge’s Alex Heath in a Threads post, citing internal data from Meta, said the app had crossed 48 million/user registrations. Another Threads user recently posted a screenshot of the Threads sign-up number, which shows that the number has now crossed the 50 million mark.

Instagram displays a serial number on profiles as part of Meta’s efforts to get users to sign up and use the service. This indicates when you signed up for the service.

This app is number one in many countries

Threads launched simultaneously on the App Store and Google Play Store on Thursday, but the app is not available in all countries. The app has reached the top of the App Store in many countries. In India, the top free app on iOS is Threads, followed by WhatsApp and Instagram. The Threads app has risen to the fifth spot in China’s App Store, where other Meta apps are currently blocked.

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