New Delhi: McDonald’s burgers have also been affected by the increase in tomato prices. Expressing concern over supply shortages and the quality of the vegetable, fast food giant McDonald’s has said it will not use tomatoes in its burgers.

in some parts of India of tomato Prices are skyrocketing. Wholesale prices have increased by 288% in 1 month and the price of tomato has reached a record level of Rs 140 per kg. ($1.7) reached. In such a situation, in the notice shared by 2 McDonald’s outlets in New Delhi, information has been shared about why they are not using tomatoes in their products.

‘Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to procure enough tomatoes to pass our stringent quality checks. “We have decided to offer you a product without tomatoes,” McDonald’s said in a statement. McDonald’s operates around 150 outlets in North and East India.

McDonald’s said, “We will continue to offer our customers the same high quality burgers as ever, but only reduce the use of tomatoes.” The company claimed that the main reason for removing tomatoes from their products, including burgers, was the sudden rise in prices and shortfall in the supply of tomatoes in many parts of the country.

Adverse weather conditions, including heavy rains and above-average temperatures in some areas, have of tomatoes have a significant impact on production. Due to this, the prices have increased 5 times this year. Tomatoes are usually costlier during the low production months of June and July.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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