However, the religious city of Ujjain houses the world-famous Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which is believed to dispel the fear of untimely death, for which millions of devotees visit Ujjain every day to visit Baba Mahakal. , There is also such a miraculous temple of Lord Shiva in this religious city, where Lord Shiva appeared to protect the devotee and chained Yamraj. Because of this miracle of Lord Shiva, on birthdays and wedding anniversaries throughout the year, devotees perform special pujas at the temple and pray for longevity and health.

Sage Markandeya conquered death here

There is a 5000 years old temple of Lord Shree Markandeshwar Mahadev situated at the 36th place among Chaurasi Mahadevs on the banks of Vishnusagar. Which is believed to be of the reign of Emperor Vikramaditya. This is the same temple where sage Markandeya conquered death by defeating time and became Chiranjeevi here. It is mentioned in the Padma Purana that sage Mrikanda Muni was blessed with a son by the penance of Lord Brahma, but his son sage Markandeya was short-lived, due to which sage Markandeya, the son of sage Mrikanda, was worried about his age.

Avantika Tirtha In this temple located in the Mahakal forest, Markandeya performed severe penance to Lord Shiva with the desire to attain longevity and immortality and when he was 12 years old and Yamraj came to take him away, sage Markandeya worshiped Lord Shiva. Shiva’s linga was bathed. with both your hands.

Mahadev chained Yamraj in the temple

Due to the gallows thrown by Yamaraja to take Markandeya’s life, Lord Shiva appeared and chained Yamaraja in the temple. Along with this, Markandeya gave a boon to Rishi that now you will live for 12 Kalpas. After the blessings, Rishi Markandeya became Ashta Chiranjeevi. The temple hosts many events throughout the year, but in the month of Shravan, the doors of the Markandeshwar Mahadev Temple open from 3:00 pm.

Special worship of God in the night After Archan Kapoor Aarti, Panchamrit Abhishek worship of God was done. After the Mangala Aarti, the devotees perform Abhishek worship of the Lord for the whole day. After this puja, the sequence of Panchamrit Abhishek Puja, Shringar and Sandhya Aarti of the Lord continues from 4 pm onwards.

Why is Shivling facing south, what is its belief?

It was here that Sage Markandeshwar conquered death by defeating time and became Chiranjeevi. Kaal i.e. Yamraj is bound in this temple. The Siddha Shivling installed in the temple faces south. An eye is also made naturally on the Shivling. South is the direction of time. It is believed that Mahakal is watching the time to protect the devotees. Worshiping Markandeshwar Mahadev bestows health and longevity on the devotees.


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