Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer of the film, has now apologized to the public after the film Adipurush, based on Ramayana, was badly beaten up. Manoj Muntashir said that the film Adipurush has hurt the sentiments of the people. Manoj Muntashir has apologized ‘unconditionally’ to Ram devotees with folded hands.

People did not like Manoj Muntashir’s apology and the writer has once again come under the trolls’ target. Manoj Muntashir is being severely criticized on social media.

Since Manoj Muntashir’s tweet on the morning of 08 July, #ManojMuntashir and #Adipurush are trending.

Before knowing the reaction of the trollers, let us know what Manoj Muntashir has written in the apology letter. Manoj Muntashir tweeted, “I accept that the sentiments of people have been hurt by the film Adipurush. I tender an unconditional apology to all my brothers and sisters, elders, respected saints and devotees of Shri Ram.

May Lord Bajrang Bali bless us all, give us strength to remain united and unbroken and serve our holy eternal and great country!


A Twitter user named Ajay Pratap Singh (@IAbhay_Pratap) wrote, “You apologized when all your broadcasts were leaked. When the whole country was angry with Adipurush, you were shamelessly showing the collection by writing ‘Thank you my country’.”

The makers of Adipurush were shamelessly defending their crimes. You consider Hindu society as fool. They will consider you as Maharishi Valmiki or Tulsi Baba and will accept everything you say.

You are apologizing when the film is out of the theatres, you haven’t even recovered the cost. Is it an apology for the crimes committed in Adipurush or is it to save your next project from flopping?

Another user @drmerajhusain wrote, “You reap what you sow, you have been sowing hatred for the past few years and reaping the same.” Congratulations.”

Another user @CaptchauhanGR11 wrote, “First earning crores by playing on the trust of majority and later apologizing, this is the real gamble that Bollywood has played.”

Another user @theskindoctor13 wrote, “Too late. When the film flopped, theaters shut down, when there was nothing left to lose, when public anger cooled down, you apologise.”

This was to be done within a few days of the film’s release, but then you were busy counting collections and rubbing salt in the wound by defending the film. Now the film’s earnings have stopped completely, so they are apologizing. Well, better late than never.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “This should have happened on day one, but then you were enlightening the world in an interview, it turned out to be a masterpiece.”

One user wrote, “They didn’t come in the right way, they got torn, so they are apologizing.”

User @Cryptic_Miind wrote, “Manoj Muntashir has no regrets at all, it’s just that Adipurush is out of theaters now and he wants right wing support again to promote his next films.”

One user wrote, “Sometimes even good people go astray. But your apology proves that even though you may have made a mistake for some reason, you are a true saint. May Lord Ram bless you.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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