Mahashivratri 2024: We all know that Lord Shiva resides in Kailash. From here he handles all the works of creation and solves the problems and difficulties of the devotees.

But do you know where Lord Shiva’s father-in-law is? The great festival of Mahashivratri is going to come in a few days, on this occasion we are giving you information about the in-laws house of Lord Shiva. It is noteworthy that this year the fast of Mahashivratri will be observed on 8 March 2024.

According to mythology, Daksheshwar Mahadev or Daksh Temple, located at a place called Kankhal, 4 km from Haridwar, is the place where King Daksh performed a huge yagya. In which all the gods, goddesses, sages and mahatmas of the universe were invited. But Lord Shiva was not invited in this yagya. Mother Sati could not bear the insult and dire situation caused by her father and sacrificed her life by jumping into the sacrificial fire.

When Lord Mahadev came to know about this, Lord Shiva became extremely angry. He had the torso (head) of King Daksh cut off by his follower Veerbhadra. Then there was an uproar in the entire universe. Then on the request of all the Gods and Goddesses, Lord Shiva gave life to King Daksh and gave him a new life by attaching the head of the goat. In such a situation, King Daksh felt very repentant and after realizing his mistake, he sought forgiveness from Lord Bholenath.

Located at a place called Kankhal, 4 km from Haridwar, this temple, known as Daksheshwar Mahadev or Daksh Temple, was built by R. Dhankor in 1810 AD and was renovated and rebuilt in 1965. This temple of Lord Bholenath is named after King Daksh Prajapati, father of Goddess Sati. There are many beliefs in this temple. It is believed that by performing Jalabhishek here on Shivratri, all the wishes are fulfilled.

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