Maharashtra ST Employees: ST employees The financial condition of ST Corporation (MSRTC) is crumbling, on the other hand ST Workers Bank and PF Trust are in trouble, claimed ST worker leader Shrirang Barge. The three-member committee appointed by the court had agreed on behalf of the government in the court to pay full salary of four years to the employees during the strike of ST employees. But for the last five months this amount from the government is insufficient and both ST Bank and Provident Fund and Gratuity Trust have not been paid their share. So, the interest on that amount is falling and these organizations are in trouble. Maharashtra claims these organizations are in trouble as they are burdened with crores of rupees Shrirang Barge, General Secretary of ST Employees Congress.

The State Transport Company of the bank has ST employees membership and 87 thousand employees are members. ST Corporation has not paid an amount of Rs 120 crores for the recovery of the loan taken by the members of this bank. However, the bank credits this amount to the borrower’s loan account to protect the borrower from default. This is affecting the bank and if the bank had invested the same amount with interest, it would have earned more than Rs 1000 crore. But, as soon as it has hit the bank, the bank is in trouble. The Reserve Bank has also objected to this several times. Barge has claimed that the bank is running into technical difficulties.

Apart from this, there is a separate trust for ST employees for both provident fund and gratuity amounts. For this, a part of the amount deducted from the salary of the employees is given to this trust. That part has also not been paid for the last five months. This amount is around Rs 650 crore. Due to not giving this amount to the trust, the trust has not received interest of about Rs 12 to 15 crore after investment. Due to this both these trusts are also in trouble and these institutions are also in trouble. Labor leader Barge said that ST Bank and both the trusts are owned by the employees and since they are in trouble, the employees are also suffering.

left in the air by the new government

Apart from this, there are co-operative credit societies, consumer stores of ST employees in many districts and crores of rupees are owed to them. That’s why it is being claimed that these organizations are also in trouble. The government had paid the full amount of salary during the Grand Alliance, but since the new government has come, the full amount has not been paid even once. Barge has also alleged that the new government is not keeping its word given to the court but is cheating the employees.

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