New Delhi- The big news of this time has come out from Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. One such case has come to light in Gola of Gorakhpur district. Hearing which your senses will fly away, here the girl killed her lover along with her family members. Disclosing this, the police said that his girlfriend, along with her family members, had killed her lover. The police have arrested the accused girlfriend and her parents, while two accused of the murder are absconding.

The murder of Bhim Yadav, a resident of Chak Sarai of Gola area, has been revealed. Police said that a love affair was going on between elderly resident Anju, whose age is 19 years, and Bhim Yadav for about 1 year. When Anju’s family members came to know about this. So on July 2, Sunday night around 11 o’clock, Anju called Bhim Yadav, an old man, to his home.

After reaching home, preparing for the murder, Vishram and Kusum Balmiki and Ravidas and their girlfriend Anju tied Bhim’s hands and feet with a rope and then killed Bhim by beating him with iron rods. Thrown away and ran away.

After which the police were continuously raiding in search of them, after which on Saturday the police have arrested 3 accused while disclosing this murder case. In this case, the girlfriend and her parents have been arrested by the police. The same two accused are still absconding, the police say that the police are continuously raiding to find them. That Valmiki and Ravidas would be caught soon. And will be sent behind bars.

After seeing these incidents, it was understood that what is going on in today’s era. Crime is increasing day by day. A lover mistaking his girlfriend for his life goes to her. And the same girlfriend becomes his murderer. One thing is not understood that today’s generation immersed in love, love and love is going backwards. People should pay attention to this and take their steps forward.

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