Home remedies for hair growth and thickening: Everyone wants to have black, thick and long hair. Everyone wants his hair to be black and strong. For this, they are using different types of hair products available in the market. Experts say that there was no result. You can get the best results from these hair masks recommended by Ayurvedic experts. Its properties not only darken the hair but also help in strengthening them.

Ingredients needed to make hair mask:

✽ 1 tsp sesame

✽ One teaspoon fenugreek

✽ Five sprigs of curry leaves

How to make hair mask:

✽ To prepare the hair mask, first take a blender jar

✽ Then add sesame, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and grind it well.

✽ Then take it out in a small container

How to use hair mask:

✽ Mix it with coconut oil before using this hair mask

✽ Apply this mixture after washing your hair properly

✽ After applying, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash

✽ Regular use of this hair mask will give better results

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