Etawah, 08 July (Hindustan Times). There is a continuous increase in the population of lions in Etawah Safari Park. Here Babbar lioness Sona has given birth to a cub. There is a wave of happiness in the Safari Administration after the birth of the cub.

Director of Etawah Safari Park, Deeksha Bhandari said that Babbar lioness Sona present in the Safari Park gave birth to a cub on July 6. Babbar lioness Sona met Sher Kanha who came from Gujarat on March 24, 2023. He told that both the lioness Sona and the newborn cub are completely healthy. Earlier in Safari Park, Jessica gave birth to two male cubs Simba and Sultan in 2016, one male cub Bahubali in the year 2018, two females and one male Bharat, Roopa, Sona in the year 2019 and two female cubs Gargi and Neerja in the year 2020. Was. In addition, in the Safari Park, the lioness Jennifer gave birth to a male cub Kesari in 2020, a male cub Vishwa in August 2022.

Director Deeksha said that a total of 11 cubs have been born in the Safari Park so far. Newborn cub and Babbar lioness Sona are being looked after by a team of veterinarians. Continuous monitoring is being done on the health and behavior of Babbar lioness Sona and the newborn cub through CCTV cameras. With the birth of a newborn cub in the Safari Park, the number of Babbar lions has increased to 18.

After Gujarat, there is a breeding center for Babbar lions in UP’s Safari Park.

Director Deeksha Bhandari said that Etawah Safari Park is the only breeding center for Asiatic lions other than Gujarat, where their breeding is being done in natural environment. Before making pairs for breeding, their genetic analysis is done by the biologists, veterinarians and high officials here, so that their genetic quality remains intact.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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