Lion Attack: Another incident of wild .mal attack has come to light from Junagadh, in Junagadh a lion suddenly attacked a teenager and it is reported that the teenager got injured in the attack. According to the information, a 15-year-old boy was attacked by a lion today in Kadwadi Ness of Visavdar in Junagadh district, after this attack the boy was admitted to the civil hospital in Junagadh for treatment, at present the boy is undergoing treatment. . The boy’s father was also injured in this lion attack. After Singh’s attack, Junagadh Vin Division swung into action and took further action immediately.

The leopard attacked the old woman who was doing the work of installing cots in the house, due to which she died on the spot.

A leopard attacked an old woman in Ghatwad village of Kodinar taluka. The leopard attacked Sonaben Vadhel of Ghatwad village when he was the dirt in his paddy when suddenly the leopard attacked him. The family members were sitting nearby, yet the leopard made a fatal attack on the old woman. The leopard caught hold of her neck and pulled it with all its might, killing the old woman on the spot. The panther ran away on the cries of the relatives. Immediately calling 108, the 108 staff declared the old man dead and shifted him to PM Earth, Kodinar Civil. The people of Ghatwad village expressed grief and anger.

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