Kanpur, 22 April (HS). Now you will get the complete horoscope of the candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections from the new app launched by the Election Commission. Complete details of all the candidates who have staked their claim in the Lok Sabha constituency will be available on this app, in which detailed information about their movable and immovable property, criminal cases, education, business, weapons, vehicles etc. will be available.

Regarding the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the Election Commission is busy providing various facilities to the voters. If you want information about any candidate of your Lok Sabha constituency, then all the information about him will be made available to you on your mobile itself. The Election Commission of India has launched many apps in digital format for the convenience of voters. One of these apps is KYC. Through this, the voter can get necessary information about the candidates of his Lok Sabha constituency. According to the officials, the voter is supreme in democracy. The Election Commission has taken major steps in the age of technology to empower the voters. In the elections, voters can know the profiles of all the candidates of their Lok Sabha constituency. For this, the Commission has launched a special KYC app. Using this app, voters can view the information entered in the nomination of the candidates contesting the elections on their mobile or laptop.

District Election Officer Rakesh Kumar Singh said on Monday that sweep activities are being conducted to make people aware about the mobile app issued by the Election Commission. KYC app has been launched by the Commission. Which is very important in the election process. Through this app, any person can see the nomination papers of the candidates contesting not only in their own Lok Sabha constituency but also on Lok Sabha seats across India. Detailed information entered by the candidates in enrollment can be viewed through this app. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or Apple Store. On this app, information about the candidate’s name, father or husband, party, age, gender, address, income, constituency appears in the main display. Along with this, the affidavit given by the candidate during nomination is uploaded in this app.

Voters can directly get the information given in the affidavit of the candidate. Apart from this, information about all nominations, accepted nominations, canceled nominations and candidates who withdrew their nominations during the elections is also available on the KYC app. Through the app, you will get information on mobile like how much movable and immovable property a candidate and his wife have, how many vehicles, how many weapons, whether there are criminal cases or not, their educational qualifications and what they do.

Deputy District Election Officer and ADM Finance Rajesh Kumar said that the Election Commission has provided this facility to the voters. He can see complete information about his candidates. Any voter can know the complete details of the candidate contesting from his parliamentary constituency sitting at home. You will get information about every candidate on the voter helpline and KYC app. All information including the movable and immovable property owned by the candidate and his wife will be available.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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