Kshatriya Rajputs In Mumbai Threaten To Intensify Stir Against Parshottam Rupala’s Candidature From Rajkot |

Mumbai: Starting from today, the Kshatriya Rajput community in Mumbai will be opposing the Bharatiya Janata Party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as Union minister Parshottam Rupala has announced that he will be filing his nomination . After weeks of demanding cancellation of the minister’s candidature following his controversial remarks, the community has now decided to upscale their rage against the entire party.

Outrage Over Rupala’s Roti-Beti Vyavhaar Remarks

Union state minister for .mal husbandry, dairying and fisheries Parshottam Rupala, also a Lok Sabha candidate for the Rajkot constituency for the upcoming elections, had sparked outrage within the Kshatriya community due to an election campaign speech in the constituency. In an attempt to praise the Rukhi Dalit community, Rupala had said, “Even the kings and royals had bowed down to the British and started a ‘roti-beti vyavahar’, but the Rukhi community did not budge.”

Following this statement, there has been a widespread outrage against the minister from the Kshatriyas of Gujarat and the heat has been spreading across the community. The community residing in Mumbai had also expressed their strong resentment by requesting legal action against Rupala. The community members had earlier warned the BJP about ill consequences if the minister’s candidature is not cancelled.

The Kshatriyas, which have a population of around 50 thousand people living in Mumbai, had warned that if Rupala’s candidature is not withdrawn by the party, they will be forced to vote against the BJP in all the constituencies of Mumbai. As the minister is supposed to file his nomination today, the Kshatriyas have already announced that their fight, which was earlier against only one person, is now against the entire party.

Kshatriya Rajput Community To Oppose BJP In Gujarat & Mumbai

Jitu Makwana, president of the Kshatriya Rajput community in Mumbai, said, “We have always supported Rupala but he has hit an axe on his own foot. Now it is about the pride of our mothers and sisters. Our community will be opposing the party on all 26 seats of Gujarat and the same will be followed in Mumbai. The party will face heat throughout the country, majorly in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.”

The Kshatriya Rajput community belonging to Gujarat has a scattered population of around 12 thousand families in Mumbai located mostly in the eastern and western suburbs and neighbouring districts. Around 400 families reside in Mulund alone.

Manojsinh Chauhan, vice president of the community in Mumbai, said, “Until now our protest was only against Rupala but even after so much opposition if the person is filing his nomination, it’s only with the back support of BJP. So now we will oppose the entire party. We have been leading this protest in a very democratic way and will continue doing it as per the instructions from the community high command.”

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