Koregaon-Bhima Victory Day: Bhima-Koregaon Victory Day is celebrated every year on 1 January. At Koregaon-Bhima village in Pune district, followers come from all over the state to salute the Vijaystambha. This year’s Koregaon Bhima ‘Shaurya Diwas’ has come under the scanner of controversies. Karni Sena has demanded a ban on Koregaon Bhima ‘Shaurya Diwas’. This also makes RPI has become aggressive. Karni Sena has opposed Koregaon Bhima ‘Shaurya Din’. This pits the Karni Sena against the RPI.

Karni Sena’s Ajay Sengar has demanded that the government program of Shaurya Diwas celebrated every year on January 1 should be banned. RPI has also become aggressive after this demand of Karni Sena. Sachin Kharat of the Republican Party of India has demanded that Sengar be arrested under the National Security Act.

strong police presence

205th Bravery Day is being celebrated on January 1 at Koregaon Bhima in Pune district. Under this, the administration is currently making vigorous preparations in the Vijaystambh area. The district administration is also ready to make this year’s Shaurya Divas a smooth one. Pune Rural Superintendent Ankit Goyal said that all precautions will be taken by the Pune City Police and Pune Rural Police for the safety of the visiting pilgrims and police will be deployed at this place from Friday itself.


History of Koregaon Bhima Bravery Day

It is a historic battle that took place on the banks of the Bhima River in Koregaon Bhima village in Pune district of Maharashtra. The battle was fought on 1 January 1818 between the British East India Company and the Peshwa’s army. The British won in this battle. The Dalit community celebrates the victory of the British. Because there were a large number of soldiers from the Mahar community in the army of the East India Company. At that time the people of the Mahar community were considered untouchables. This is the reason why this day is celebrated as Shaurya Diwas every year. On January 1, 2018, people from the Dalit community gathered near the Victory Pillar at Koregaon Bhima to celebrate Vijay Diwas. Stones were pelted at the people who came to salute the Vijay Stambh. A young man was killed in the riots that broke out because of this. At that time Manohar Bhide and Milind Ekbote were accused of inciting the mob in Koregaon.

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