Komal Chaudhary Dance Video: Sapna Chaudhary is the most dominant in the Haryanvi industry. But in today’s time, to compete with Sapna, one by one dancers are seen making a splash on social media with their hot acts. Whereas, if we talk about Komal Chaudhary, whenever she goes to perform any of her dance programs, she sets fire to her beauty. Komal Chowdhary makes everyone crazy with her latko-jhatko on social media.

Actually, there is a very old song of Komal ‘Ooo ouch’ (Hariyanvi Song), Komal is doing her back breaking dance. Seeing whom the audience is falling in love with him. In the video of this song, Komal is wearing a tight yellow suit where she is stabbing people’s hearts with her figure and thumko.

In the video, it can be seen how Komal is dancing by jumping and jumping, seeing which people are going crazy. This is not the first time that fans have showered so much love on Komal Chowdhary’s song.

Even before this, he has made his fans happy by dancing on Haryanvi songs. People are so crazy about Komal Chowdhary’s stage dance show that people run from far and wide to see her.

You can watch the video of this song on chaudhary komal ji chaudhary youtube channel. So far 1.5 million people have watched this song. At the same time, many lakhs of likes and comments have also been found. This song is so old yet it is creating a buzz on social media. The fan following of Komal Chowdhary is similar to that of Sapna Chowdhary.

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