World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on 7th July. Chocolate is believed to have originated in America. Chocolate Day first started in 1550, after which it is celebrated in countries around the world. Initially it was limited to certain regions and countries. So know some special benefits of chocolate.

Many people like the deep taste

Many people prefer dark flavors in chocolate. Eating dark chocolate also benefits the body. This reduces stress and also removes body fatigue. Now eating chocolate has become a common thing. But you hardly know from where chocolate originated.


History of chocolate is 4000 years old

The history of chocolate is centuries old i.e. about 4000 years old. The mouth-watering chocolate is made from cocoa. It is believed that chocolate was first made in America. This is because cocoa trees were first found primarily in the forests of the Americas. Today cocoa trees are found in different regions of the world. While 70 percent of the world’s cocoa is consumed in Africa alone.

Chocolate originated in America

When chocolate started being made, it was made in many ways. It has changed with time and now its look has become very tasty. Significantly, chocolate was first made in America, but when it was first made, its taste was bitter. It is believed that the Americans ground cocoa beans with other spices and peppers to make it. It adds sweetness as well as pungency to the taste.

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