In general, people use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancy. This happened with condoms used during sexual intercourse, but now a condom has come in the market which will not protect you but your mobile phone from the virus.

Now that everyone has a smartphone, charging points have been set up in public places including airports and bus terminals. Some people are doing fraud at this charging point. Now to prevent this fraud, the demand for USB condoms is increasing.

Malware enters your phone when you charge your mobile or tablet in a public place. Hackers do this work. As soon as the phone is charged, the hacker gets all the information about the phone from the wire attached to your phone.

This virus does not get removed from the phone until you reset and reboot the phone. According to a Forbes report, agencies around the world are repeatedly warning people about this. State Bank of India has alerted people by tweeting.

The world is constantly looking for new ways to stay safe with technology and in this sequence USB condoms have come into the market. The USB condom resides between a public charging point and the phone, keeping your data from going anywhere. Using the USB dongle will only charge the phone and avoid any data transfer.

According to Forbes, USB condoms are available on most online websites. Experts around the world recommend you to use this USB condom while charging your phone or tablet in a public place.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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