of Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara A surprising incident has come to the fore. Here three youths took their former landlord hostage. After this, the accused also transferred twenty thousand rupees from the victim’s bank account to their own account. However, after getting information about the incident, the police reached to find the location of the mobile phone and arrested the three accused. Police is investigating the case. According to the police, the accused wanted to kill the victim, but he was saved after getting timely information.

According to the information, Nandkumar Dehariya, a 46-year-old teacher living in Triloki Nagar in Kundipura police station area of ​​Chhindwara, has his own house. A young man named Santosh Soni used to live in it on rent till about a year ago. Nandkumar got his house vacated from him, but Santosh withheld some of the rent money. Said will give later. But even after much effort, he did not return the money. At the same time, on repeated reprimands, Santosh decided to teach teacher Nandkumar a lesson and along with two companions planned to take him hostage and later kill him. Under this scheme, on Friday, the accused called Nandkumar to pay the outstanding money and took him hostage in the house located in Anandam Township.

amount transferred from account

Police said that while assaulting teacher Nandkumar, the accused got twenty thousand rupees transferred from his bank account to another account. The accused wanted to kill the teacher, but before that they wanted to extort some more money. For this, the accused had planned to demand ransom by calling the teacher’s wife. But before that the accused were caught by the police.

accused caught like this

According to the police, the accused took the landlord hostage between 10 am and 11 am on Friday morning. During this, the accused snatched his mobile phone and kept it away. After 11 o’clock till evening all the three accused were sitting there keeping an eye on him, but later the accused Santosh Soni along with his companions came out of the room for some time. In this time, the landlord showed courage and messaged his wife from his phone. After this the wife reached the police. The police also traced the location of the victim’s mobile phone without delay and nabbed the accused.

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