Karnataka Of Shivamogga BJP MP accused of giving inflammatory speech Pragya Thakur Police case has been registered against. In an event, Pragya Thakur had said that Hindus have the right to reply to those who attack her and her dignity. He also talked about the killing of Hindu activists. According to information, a Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader and a political analyst has filed a complaint against BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur.

TMC spokesperson Saket Gokhale and political expert Tehseen Poonawalla filed a complaint against Thakur along with Shivamogga MP GK Mithun Kumar. Both of them gave this information by tweeting separately. Gokhale wrote on Twitter, lodged a complaint with the Karnataka Police and Shivamogga Superintendent of Police this morning regarding the communal and inflammatory speech given by BJP MP Pragya Thakur on 25th December.

What was the allegation in the complaint?

He wanted the police to register an FIR immediately. In his complaint, Gokhale alleged that Thakur’s remarks made at the event on Sunday were designed to incite communal unrest among different religious communities and create ill-will between different communities on the basis of religion.

In his complaint, Poonawalla accused Thakur of making highly condemnable and derogatory speeches against the minority community at the event. He said that the Superintendent of Police assured him of action and later his office called him and confirmed receipt of the complaint by tweeting on the official Twitter account.

What did Pragya Thakur say?

Thakur said in a program on Sunday in view of the incidents of killing of Hindu activists that Hindus have the right to reply to those who attack them and their dignity. In a controversial statement, he asked members of the community to keep knives sharp in their homes as everyone has the right to defend themselves.

Thakur had said at the annual function of Hindu Jagran Vedika’s Dakshin Kshetra, Sannyasis say to end all the tyrants and sinners in this world created by God, otherwise the true definition of love will not survive here. So respond in the same way to those involved in love jihad. Protect your daughters, teach them the right values. Pointing to the incidents of killing of Hindu activists, including Harsha of Shivamogga, he asked people to keep sharp knives in their homes for self-defense.

Thakur had said, “Keep weapons in your homes. If nothing else, at least keep the knives sharp, which are used to cut vegetables… I don’t know what situation will arise when… Everyone has the right to self-defense. If someone attacks us by entering our house, it is our right to give a befitting reply.”

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