New Delhi, Astrology Tips: Today’s trend is to wear torn clothes. Ripped jeans have become the fashion of today. But according to astrology, wearing torn or old clothes has a bad effect on a person’s life. A person has to face many problems by wearing torn or old clothes.

Venus starts giving negative effects

Venus is considered the lord of quality of life and happiness. In such a situation, by wearing torn clothes, the planet Venus starts giving negative effects on you. These effects also affect your life. A person gradually becomes poor by wearing torn clothes. His luck starts opening up.

Disadvantages of wearing torn clothes

Lakshmi Mata angrily leaves the house wearing torn clothes, due to which poverty starts coming in the house. That’s why wearing torn clothes should be avoided. Vastu Shastra also says that wearing torn jeans has a mental and physical effect on a person. Due to which there is a rift in the relationship.

keep these things in mind

New clothes should always be worn on Friday, Thursday or Wednesday. Apart from this, wearing new clothes on Saturday should also be avoided. According to astrology, never keep your clothes outside at night. By doing this, negative energy enters the clothes. Which also affects the person wearing those clothes.

Rahul Dev

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