monsoon The season has knocked the rain. In the rainy season, of course, people get relief from the scorching sun and scorching heat, but with the arrival of this season, the risk of many terrible diseases also increases significantly. In such a situation, it is very important to take special care of your immunity to avoid these diseases in this season. If you also want to protect yourself from these diseases during the monsoon season, then you can make these juices a part of your diet to strengthen your immunity.

potato juice

Potato Bukhara is such a fruit, which is tasty as well as healthy. You can drink the juice of this fruit to increase immunity during the rainy season. This juice not only helps in keeping you hydrated, but drinking it also improves your digestive system, which helps in boosting immunity.

Jamun juice

Jamun is a seasonal fruit, which is very popular during the monsoon season. Its juice is very beneficial for health. Many nutrients present in Jamun are helpful in increasing our immunity. So you can make it a part of your diet to increase immunity during the rainy season.

false juice

Phalsa is also one of those delicious fruits, which can be very helpful in boosting your immunity. Its juice works to nourish the body. Along with this, it also works to get rid of many health problems.

Cherry juice

Cherry juice is very beneficial during the monsoon season. Cherries rich in anti-oxidant properties contain many nutrients. Cherries contain vitamins A, B, C, potassium and phosphorus, which help boost immunity.

pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is very beneficial for our health. It also benefits us in many ways during the monsoon season. There are many health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice during the rainy season. This will prove to be very helpful in increasing your immunity.

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